Маяк штукатурний

The plastering guide

Маяк штукатурнийМаяк штукатурний

The plastering guide allows to receive a smooth plastered surface with the chosen thickness of a plaster layer quickly, precisely and without big expenses.


· Plastering guide is used as a support guide for plastering in order to obtain the smoothest possible surface. 

· Simplifies the process of leveling the surface, and when installed correctly allows to achieve a much smoother surface.

· After application of gypsum plaster it is not necessary to dismantle unlike a galvanized profile

Additional information: 

·       Profile length: 2.5m 3m;

·       Dimensional types: 6mm , 10mm;

·       Color: white, gray;

·       Package: 25pcs, 50pcs;


Installation instructions:
Prepare the wall for plaster (cleaning, primer), and distribute it at the level of the grids width of 1-2 m. Mark the vertical lines on wall. In places of further placement of the rail, apply the solution along the height of the lines. The points of attachment of the rail to the plaster should be at least 5, and the distance between them is about 50 centimeters . After that it is necessary to check up verticality of each rail by means of a water belt and to give time for full hardening of a solution, thereby providing reliable fixation of a rail. Then put the basic layer of plaster, now walls are leveled.

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