Under-sill profile


Under-sill profile is used to provide ideal joint between sill (PVC, steel, stone, zinc materials) and thermal substrate.


For connection of the sill (PVC, steel, stone, zinc) and thermal insulation


  elimination of thermal bridge under the sill   

  elimination of wind blowing effect: no wind whistling and chilling   

   easy installation  

 perfect connection between the sill and thermal insulation cladding 

Additional information: 

Profile length: 2.0m

Dimensional types: 4mm

Color: white

Package: *pcs


Under-sill bead features a special expansion adhesive
foam and fiberglass mesh. Install the bead by removing the protective film from
the expansion foam. Then, stick under the window sill (clean the inside of the
window sill from dust, dirt and oil beforehand). The next step involves immersing
the mesh on the bead followed by covering it by reinforcing facade mesh with
overlap. Both gluing the bead as well as covering it with the reinforcement
facade mesh should be done in the same gluing operation. Use under-sill bead to
eliminate the effect of wind blowing up the window sill.