Window reveal profile 6 mm with self-adhesive tape and fiberglass mesh

Window reveal profile 6 mm with self-adhesive tape

Used to decorate window slopes in the middle of the room and on the facades of buildings. Designed for density and sealing of mounting seams of window constructions.

Main functions:

  • fast sealing option and sealing of the mounting seam
  • provides aesthetic adherence between plaster and window frame
  • performs heat-insulating functions
  • does not require suturing with sealants
  • allows you to protect the window glass, during finishing work, from getting plaster on it, etc., thanks to an additional tape with self-adhesive tape.

Additional information

  • profile length: 2.5 m
  • color: white, brown, golden oak, graphite
  • mesh width: 100mm
  • quantity in packing: 16pcs

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